One direction was on the news. 


They were interviewing ten year olds, who were saying that they will always love them.

The interviewer asked why they love them.

“They have nice hair”


”Yesterday Harry cried because he misses his mum, so he didn’t want to sleep with me. He wanted to be alone. Then Niall went by him. He joined the insolation because some girl told me that he doesn’t deserve to be in the band & he ruined him so as to make him cry. I wanted to say STOP! Stop harassing Niall, he’s fragile. & Whenever someone says, something bad. He starts to cry for hours. And i don’t like it. If he were not in the band, It would not be One Direction. I’m very protective of him because he’s like a child and he is the most beautiful guy i have ever met in my life. & the luckiest girl in the world will be his future girlfriend. To me he is important & I love him so much. So to all the girls who come to me Louis, Harry, Liam & me. I’m not going to call you a Directioner because a True Directioner loves each of us. Niall, i love you.” -Zayn Malik. ^what Zayn said, it’s true, ayt? Why? because have you ever heard them sing Torn when Niall was playing the guitar & not singing? Every true Directioner felt that something was missing. He has an angel voice. He doesn’t deserve hate. In fact, no one does. & what you just did is really something VERY disrespectful. What would you do if someone insult you or said something bad about someone you care about?! HUH!? I hope you will stop this, ”i Hate Niall” thing. Cause I Swear, if i cant bear with seeing anyone on tumblr or twitter saying this EVER again. You’re seriously gonna get in BIG TIME hate from me. & No, i’m not scaring you. I really will! @NiallOfficial, i really love you & Don’t ever let those people bring you down! you deserve to be loved just like the other lads. So Please, Don’t change because of them. Becuase us real Directioners, love you just the way you are. <3 I LOVE YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. FOREVER & ALWAYS A DIRECTIONER & A NIALLER. <3 #NiallIsAmazing <3  

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*Imagine 18 years later* 


Directioner forever!

I love her<3

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